About Unicon
Founded in 1992, Unicon started as a lens shaping (lathe-cut) producer and moved to production of disposable contact lenses in 2007.
By integrating into one single company expertise on molding, material, design and automation, Unicon experienced a strong growth over the last five years and became a top tier contact lens producer in Asia, one of the most professional disposable color lens manufacturer in Taiwan. Unicon is always introducing new products to meet increasing demand from its customers all over the world.

ODM/OEM Manufacturer
Unicon mainly focuses on ODM/OEM market, and also provide all kinds of customization services. We have capability of machine customization, and a professional team work on researching new materials for contacts. Also, we offer our customers the best design graph through cooperate with the most famous designers to present our customers the best valuable product.
Worldwide Operation
Unicon is supplying the five continents with contact lenses, making it a real global company. Main export markets are Japan, China, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Russia, Canada, India, South Africa and Singapore.