Manufacturing Resources
With a total factory floor of 10,000 square meters and a workforce of up to 400 people in one brand new production plant located in the heart of Taiwan’s “Silicone Valley”, Unicon has the resources to address demand from the largest contact lens buyers. Equipped with self-designed molding lines and the latest precision machine tools, including nuclear and defense-rated equipments, Unicon has the ability to design any contact lens with cutting-edge performance.

Packing Flexibility
Unicon has the unique flexibility to offer its customers both automatic packing of large standard orders at very competitive conditions but also hand-packing of tailor-made boxes to address specific demands.

Multibrand Management
Unicon contact lenses are available in a large variety of different packaging to satisfy the demand from each market to get products packed and branded according to local taste.

Our lenses are available under more than fifty different brand names in the world. You may have bought our lenses before without even knowing it! This gives Unicon’s customers the freedom to develop their channels with their own personal marketing angles and commercial strategies.