Coating Design Color Lens
Coating Design color lenses squeeze pigments into
two different layers of material. This technique avoids
contact between eyelid and pigments and prevents
drop of pigments onto the eye globe. 
High-grade Lens Edge Design
Our unique edge design is the result of several years of research and tests on patients. It
allows more tears to flow between the eye and the material making the lens more
comfortable. The contact lens is like floating on a tear film.
Sophisticated Aspherical Design
Aspheric lens design fits eyeball better and reflects the
light into a point to produce a focused image, unlike
regular spherical lenses that do not reflect light into a
single point.
High Water-Low Modulus SiHy Lenses
Unicon introduced a new family of silicone lenses that delivers
more comfort thanks to lower modulus and higher water content.
Based on a self-designed patented material, these silicone
lenses deliver all oxygen an eye can breathe with an excellent
wetting angle while offering the same comfort and user-friendly fit
as a regular lens.